The State Child Abuse Death Review Team is an 19 member multi-disciplinary group which consists of 7 agency appointees and 12 members appointed by the State Surgeon General, pursuant to 383.402 F.S. Eleven members are from specific disciplines specified in statute.


Social Worker
Robin Perry, PhD, Chairperson 

Department of Health, Committee Coordinator
Patricia Boswell, MPH 

Department of Legal Affairs
Stephanie Bergen, JD 

Department of Children and Families
Courtney Stanford

Department of Law Enforcement
Jeremy Gordon, Inspector

Department of Education
Iris Williams, MSW 

Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, Inc.
Thomas Bakkedahl, JD 

Florida Medical Examiners Commission
Anthony Jose Clark, MD 

Child Protection Team, Statewide Medical Director
Bruce McIntosh, MD

Public Health Nurse
Deborah Hogan, RN, MPH 

Mental Health Professional
April Lott, LCSW 

Substance Abuse Treatment Professional
Linda Mann, LCSW, CAP 

Department of Children and Families Supervisor
Erika Summerfield

Medical Director, Child Protection Team

Child Advocacy Organization
Jennifer Ohlsen, MS 

Paraprofessional in Patient Resources,
Child Abuse Prevention Program

Maria Lesvia Alaniz

Law Enforcement Officer
Ret. Major Connie Shingledecker

Domestic Violence Advocate

Child Advocacy Organization
Zackary Gibson 

Department of Health Staff:
Patricia Armstrong - Bureau Chief, Child Protection and Special Technologies
Joshua Thomas - CADR Unit Director
Renee Senn - CADR Program Analyst
Brenna Kawar - CADR Prevention Specialist
Erica Puckett  - CADR Project Coordinator 
Cheryl Gilman - CADR Consultant

CADR works to eliminate preventable child abuse & neglect deaths in Florida.